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Hygge Clinic

Physiotherapy - Acupuncture - Therapeutic Massage

I'm here to help you with diagnosis, pain management and interdisciplinary support throughout your rehabilitation and to recovery.   

September student offer! 

During September I am happy to be supervising

Polly Gray, a 4th year Glasgow Caledonian Physio student.

Polly is a mature student and has already had a wealth of experience in sports therapy having given service to many Rugby teams and having many qualifications relevant to that role. 

Please select a student appointment on booking if you would be willing to be seen by Polly. These appointments are discounted at £15 per 45 min session :-)



For more information about Babs at the Hygge Clinic - our program, activities, staff and more, don’t hesitate to contact us!


Cost for an initial consultation and treatment, usually lasting approx 45 minutes, is £55. Return appointments of 30 mins are £35. Concessions are available on request. If you have any questions or would like a concession please do contact me in advance using the form below.



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